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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Universities’ Protocol for Handling Sexual Violence

In my four years at UM, I’ve tried to thoroughly understand how sexual assault is handled at our school and all other universities in the country. This curiosity (fascination, even) has unwittingly made me pretty well versed on the proper protocol.  After reading The Times article, A Star Player Accused and a Flawed Rape Investigation, … Continue reading

Greek Life

Sorority Drama Over Text Messages: “I’m going to murder Kiki and Kate”

On Tuesday November 12 at approximately 9:17 p.m. Jennifer Rubin, 21, went to UMPD to report threatening text messages she received. According to Rubin, another UM student, Shannon Van Gundy, sent her a text message stating, “I’m going to MURDER Kiki and Kate.” Kate being Katelyn Woodbury, another UM student. It is unclear who Kiki … Continue reading

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Student Held at Gun Point Last April Near University Village

A little before midnight on April 28, 2013, then 19-year-old Raisa Uddin was crouched in the Hecht Athletic Building’s female locker room seeking refuge. Minutes before a Hispanic woman had pointed a gun at her demandeding she hand over her possessions. Uddin, a neuroscience major, told police she had exited University Village Building 3 when … Continue reading

Perplexing Policy

How Sexual Assault is Handled at a Private Evangelical College and How It’s Handled at Our Private School

          Anyone who has held a conversation with me for more than four minutes knows I eat an unusual amount of peanut butter, and have an obsession with crime on college campuses and the protocol for handling these crimes. For the most part, it’s because of the gray legal system these crimes fall under –that … Continue reading

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PERSONALIZE YOUR GYM BAGS: Student’s Gym Bag Accidentally Stolen by Another Student Who Claimed it Looked Exactly Like His

Countless workouts are happening simultaneously at the University of Miami’s Wellness Center. Students are lifting weights, other riding machines, and some taking classes in the upstairs studios. All the while gym-goers preen at the other perspiring co-eds as they exercise their bodies in scantily clad name-brand aerobic gear. James Negron was one of them. He’s … Continue reading