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Administrative Raid Yields Three Grams of Marijuana at University Village

ImageWith the small fortune students pay for their on-campus apartments at University Village, it’s easy to forget they’re not ritzy studios on the beach and subject to administrative raids. At 5 p.m. Sunday September 8th a 22-year-old UV resident, who we will refer to as Chris, was in his room where he could not hear the ardent knocks on his front door.

It was resident assistants Noor Joudi, 19, and Merima Hazimuratovic, 20. They were kindly announcing their presence and waited a decent amount of time for the co-eds inside to quickly stash their illegal drug and alcohol paraphernalia before they opened the door to pretend to look for them. But Chris never heard these knocks, and Joudi and Hazimuratovic grew anxious and entered inside with their key to the apartment.

Harmlessly resting in plain sight on the coffee table was a bag of marijuana in a transparent Ziploc, a glass bong, steel grinder, and marijuana-residued coffee mug. The RAs were over their heads and called on higher-ups Jeremy Bourgoin and Oscar Vazquez (both are university employees).

Bourgoin and Vazquez then requested even higher higher-ups: UMPD.

Once Officer Pratt arrived, Chris was read his Miranda Rights. In an interview Chris admitted to owning all the illegal goods. Chris was arrested for Drug Possession of a Controlled Substance and Drug Possession of Paraphernalia/Equipment on a Promise to Appear and was shortly released from the UM police station. The drugs however remained impounded.

According to the incident report 3 grams of marijuana, one black and white coffee mug with marijuana residue, one red and white glass bong, and a stainless steel grinder were confiscated. The property is valued at $125.

Chris claims that he purchased the ‘controlled substance’ the night before in Miami Beach near Collins Avenue to celebrate his 22nd birthday. He decided to buy 3.5 grams of marijuana “from an unknown Latin male.” According to the police report, the male was “short, medium build, no facial hair, wearing a white tank top, and jean shorts.”

Chris can only remember one other person’s name he was with that night; a white male named Jake whom he believes attends FIU. Together the group paid the mystery dealer $50-$60 for the weed. Chris pitched in $10. Since it was his birthday, Chris took home the leftovers after the group smoked a joint on the beach.

Happy Birthday Chris!

According to Florida Statue 893.13, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana is a first-degree misdemeanor and punishable by up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both …Should’ve gone to CU-Boulder instead.


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