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Phi Delts Respond with Conflicting Comments

phideltI wrote a post last night about a student (who wished to remain anonymous) that was intimidated by 30 members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. According to the incident report the victim, or Will as I dub him, simply went to say hi to a friend as he waited in line to use the restroom at Sun Life Stadium.

Then allegedly in the company of 30 frat members, Will was verbally harassed and called “a nursing fag and a pussy” and that he should “watch his back.” Another Phi Delt aggressively got in his face, and the victim shoved him in defense. This got Will ejected from the stadium.

Four days later Will went to UMPD to report what happened since he feared “being jumped at a party or on campus.” UMPD did not take immediate action and only informed the victim about his options to have a safety escort on campus.

When I emailed the victim he was weary about making matters worse and did not want to comment but verified the account.

I published the report last night.

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Since no Phi Delts were named in the report, I asked around if anyone knew someone in Phi Delt I could speak to. I reached out to a friend of my sister. He claimed that the frat did not want to comment on the story:

“We will not be publishing a second side to this story. Everything published there is an exaggeration of what occurred and we would like to dissolve the issue as soon as possible. It is an issue regarding the university and pending investigation and for that matter should not be published. It will only draw more drama to a situation that has been dealt with and that we wish to move on from. Thank you for reaching out to us.”

When I went on my blog, I saw that a person named Zach, who claimed to be president of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, wrote a comment on my post. He said:

“If you’d like an accurate story then feel free to contact me. I’m the Phi Delt president and have evidence that this is backward and wildly exaggerated. Your facts are one sided and it’s pretty disgusting that you would post a story like that with no research. Your journalistic credibility is pretty weak.”

I then reached out to the Phi Delt I was Facebook messaging before, informed him that Zach wanted to talk, and to pass on my contact information. We have been texting and the Phi Delt president has agreed to an interview on Friday. I will update with my findings.

Update: Source “Close to the Situation” Denies Phi Delt Allegations


5 thoughts on “Phi Delts Respond with Conflicting Comments

  1. Is this journalism or the rumor mill? I thought journalists were trained to be objective, show both sides of the story, and never input personal opinions or judgments. And aren’t journalists supposed to gather the details before reporting? Journalism at its finest right here.

    • Hi Steven! I am showing all sides of the story as they are being given to me. I requested a police report and reported what it said with direct quotations. No Phi Delts were named specifically in it so it took me a while to track them down. I have been texting with the president of Phi Delt this evening and the earliest he can talk to me is Thursday afternoon, and I have class then, so we’re planning on Friday. I’ll post his side of the story once I hear it.

      • I just don’t think you realize the impact of your articles on the individuals or organizations mentioned when you have only heard one side of the story. From a journalistic standpoint, it may have made sense to hold off on publication and release until both sides could be surveyed. If the stories do not align, this article as already been highly deforming to the reputation of an organization based on heresay and a vague report.

      • This is for a class blog where I am instructed to write a post based on the police report. Only 15 people follow it. This isn’t “publication” this is pressing post on a blog. It’s fluid, and I update it as the information rolls in. If this were a print publication, it would be different. The nature of blogs is different from that of a print paper.

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