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Pranksters at University Village Pull Fire Alarm at 2 a.m., No One Laughed

MegaBee/Flikr Commons

MegaBee/Flikr Commons

Around 2:20 a.m. Friday September 13th, students awoke to the unsettling siren and flashing lights of the University Village fire alarm system. It wasn’t a drill.

Decked out in embarrassing pajamas and acne creams, the students stampeded out of their campus accomodation in zombie-like unison. While most students are used to the overly-sensitive detectors in the freshman dorms that sound off to microwaveable popcorn, no one was understanding about this alarm debacle –especially since no one saw or smelled any smoke.

Officer Medina arrived on the scene two minutes after the alarm sounded. All the students had evacuated but the siren was still audible. It was coming from Building 6.

“I did not detect a smell of smoke,” Medina reports.

Medina then noticed that the ‘in case of emergency’ fire alarm lever was pulled. It was just outside room 202.

“I interviewed students in the area to ascertain if they knew who pulled the lever,” Medina explains. “All the students stated they do not know who pulled the lever.”

UM Facilities department reset the alarm. Students were allowed back to their rooms shortly after.

The fire alarm pranksters are still on the loose. Any information regarding the incident can be sent to Officer Medina. The case is still active.


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