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Source “Close to the Situation” Denies Phi Delt Allegations

ImageI got my hands on a disturbing police report last week from the Coral Gables Police Department. The officer’s narrative explains one student was verbally harassed by 30 members of Phi Delta Theta fraternity at a football game at Sun Life Stadium on August 30th. The report was filed four days later with UMPD.

After reaching out to the student listed on the report, he confirmed the events but in fear of being “jumped on campus or at a party” declined comment. He requested that I not publish his name and have been referring to him as “Will”.

This is the official narrative:

On 8/30/2013 at Sun Life Stadium (2269 NW 119th St, Miami Gardens, FL) [Will] was attending a University of Miami football game. [Will] advised that approximately 1800hrs while standing in line at the stadium to use the restroom facilities he was approached by a coworker, as he was saying hello, an unknown fraternity member from Phi Delta Theta told [Will] that he cannot talk to the coworker. [Will] state “I can talk to whomever I want” a  fraternity member stepped closer to [Will] and stated that [Will] was “a nursing fag and a pussy”. [Will] then stated that another fraternity member got right in his face in an aggressive manner, [Will] in fear that he was going to be hit pushed the fraternity member away.

[Will] was subsequently ejected from the stadium, while being escorted out [Will] states fraternity members were saying that “he should watch his back” and calling him other names. [Will] is concerned for his wellbeing and fearful that they fraternity member may jump him on campus or at a party. [Will] indicated that there were approximately 30 members of the fraternity present.

[Will] completed a sworn statement and was issued a case card and a safety escort pamphlet advising him of his option of safety escort son UM campus.

No further information at this time.

I published my blog Student Claims Phi Delts Call Him “a Nursing Fag and Pussy” and to “Watch His Back” on Monday October 14th. And even though less than 20 people follow my blog, it quickly received over a thousand page views. While some students who read my post in my classes were shocked to read about the verbal harassment and threats, even more people commented and sent me emails attacking my reporting. The main concern was that my post was too one-sided.

Since no Phi Delts were listed on the report, tracking down brothers was difficult. After reaching out to a friend of my sister on Facebook who is apart of the fraternity and then receiving a comment on my blog from the president of UM’s Phi Delta Theta chapter himself, I was able to arrange a meeting with the president for clarification, but not right away.

I met with someone on Friday. He preferred to stay anonymous and not reveal his connection to Phi Delta Theta but agreed that I could call him “a source close to the situation”.

Even though it is perjury to lie on a police report, this anonymous source explains that Will did just that. These were his main concerns:

1) There were four Phi Delts present in line to the port-a-potty, not 30.

2) None of the students knew Will was a nursing student and the source, even though he was not present, does not see why the brothers would call him a “nursing fag and pussy”.

3) Even though the police report did not reveal this, and no police reports were found in Miami Gardens confirming this, the source claims that Will was ejected for intoxication and not shoving the fraternity member.

The source then explained that Will and the fraternity met with deans to resolve the situation. Since Will was underage, the university was informed of his intoxication and Will met with a dean for discipline. According to the source, Will was urged by the dean to file a police report.

There are screen shots of incendiary messages sent by Will to two members of the fraternity in a work group. The messages begin at 8:20 p.m. the night of the game and continue until 1 a.m. I was shown these messages and read that Will posted his address instigating an altercation and called all brothers in all fraternities “fags”.

According to the source, the feud began in the fall of last year when Will tried to grab a drink at a Phi Delt tailgate at Sun Life Stadium. Since Will is not 21, he was denied a wrist band. WIll then tried to grab a drink and the Phi Delt monitoring the alcohol refused.

The source claims all three parties (the deans, Phi Delta Theta fraternity, and Will) have agreed to stop pursuing the situation. Phi Delts however are concerned about the bad PR for sponsors as they try to raise funds for their philanthropy, The ALS Assocation which benefits those battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or more commonly, Lou Gehrig’s disease, who was a Phi Delt.

The source does acknowledge that even though he was not present at the time, the Phi Delts in line at the port-a-potty did engage in a verbal altercation with Will but that it was two-sided.

A search for police reports verifying the source’s allegations has been unsuccessful, however, if records are found, this post will be updated.

Will has declined further comment.


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