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University of Miami Bomb Threat: The Anti-Event

At 10:27 a.m. Thursday October 24th the University of Miami Alert System sent out a startling email:


Students were promptly herded out of the library. Yellow crime scene tape was put up. But that was all that went down: classes ended at 10:45 a.m. and after the 15-minute break classes began again at 11 a.m. Students shuffled around the campus, and unless a student passed the library he or she wouldn’t even notice that campus is under threat of being blown to smithereens at any second.

But the twitter reactions explain the campus morale best:






Yes, Don Quavious Rex, you do because rain or shine, bomb threat or not, classes and exams will go on. #swag

But the most startling would probably be that the weekly Wednesday Farmer’s Market is going on without a hitch (don’t ask me why it was operating on a Thursday but it was). Those that are familiar with the the market know that it borders the library. But lucky for business, the kiosks weren’t circled in the crime scene tape and students were buying smoothies and quinoa because if this is their last meal, at least it’s not a gluttonous one.


The crime scene tape kept the students from entering the library. The breezeway between the library and Starbucks is also blocked. The sidewalk that borders the library is blocked too.

There are a few important officials in professional orange UM-logo polos doing official bomb threat business on their smartphones.


But even those this has been the anti-event, and students are not ducking under their desks in fetal position just yet, that has not stopped the media helicopters from circling campus like vultures.

Channel 10 reports this fiasco was due to a note left in the bathroom. Facebook statuses claim it was something  found in a trash can. Fox will probably jump on board soon and claim they have the person responsible in custody.

Check back at UM’s website for updates and not this blog because I have a literary theory class to go to assuming I don’t blow up before 12:30 p.m.

And after a harrowing 112 minutes UM sent out the ALL CLEAR:

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 12.42.52 PM


3 thoughts on “University of Miami Bomb Threat: The Anti-Event

    • Yeah I was there, and others who were there, can vouch that the Wednesday Farmer’s Market was in full operation on Wednesday and Thursday during the bomb threat. I took the photo at 10:50 am on Thursday of the white tents of the market

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