Drunk Mess

Drunk UM Students Boast Their Sexual Promiscuity on Film

ImageKids say the darndest things, especially when they’re drunk and in college. And Youtube sensation I’m Shmacked produces viral videos of this inebriated populace that are equal parts L-O-L, equal parts #cringing.

I’m Shmacked hops from one college to the next like a touring rock band (they even have a bus). The company sells tickets, throws an event, and serves alcohol to students. Then, the host, a handsome young guy usually in a tank with that school’s colors or mascot, weaves through the crowd videotaping interviews with the students, now unguarded and drunk, shotting alcohol or in the midst of a lesbian make-out sesh. Whatever it is, it’s usually not the kind of thing you’d want your nana (or future employer) to see but, then again, it’s highly shareable online gold.

On October 26 at Villa 221 in downtown Miami I’m Shmacked asked UMiami students to weigh in on the one-night stand versus relationship debate –but only after downing a few tequila shots first.

They interviewed 45 students, 23 girls and 22 boys. Of those 21 proudly stated on camera that they were pro one-night stand, 16 rooted for relationships. The other responses didn’t neatly fit into the two categories.

This is the breakdown:


The results are statistically embarrassing to UM, a school that’s tried to bolster its academics and forget it’s party school image. But it’s the videotaped explanations of their sexual promiscuity that will make any ‘Cane shudder.

This is the video. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!


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