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Miami’s Two Pi Kappa Alpha Chapters Suspended in the Last Three Months (FIU in August, UM today)

ImageMiami has shed itself of both its chapters of Pi Kappa Alpha. FIU’s Pike chapter was suspended earlier this semester in August. UM’s Pike chapter was suspended today.

According to WSVN, it was the national organization in Memphis, Tennessee that decided to pull UM’s Gamma Omega chapter. Pike brothers had “failed to meet standards.”

It was the national organization that pulled FIU’s Kappa Gamma chapter too and not FIU.

In August, FIU’s Pike chapter was suspended over Facebook posts about drugs, hazing, and creep shots. The screen shots reveal illegal dealings of Vyvanse, Adderall, and pot brownies. However, almost two months later, no academic discipline or legal action was sought.

UM “supports the decision” to suspend its Pike chapter.

The university released this statement: “The University of Miami values our partnership with the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and supports the decision to close the chapter at this time.”

There is no further information of a specific incident that provoked the suspension.

In November 2011 UM’s Pike chapter was suspended after nine violations. The investigation stemmed from an unauthorized off-campus party and initiating ineligible members.

In March 2005 UM’s Pike was suspended for violating international fraternity policy and the university student code of conduct.

In 2009 Kappa Sigma had its chapter revoked by the national organization and not UM. It was officially for one unregistered party held in December 2008. They were not re-instated on campus until four years later, after students in the chapter had graduated and left the university.

According to Sigma Chi’s Facebook page, their chapter was on a temporary suspension that was lifted on October 31st.

The statement released today did not mention when Pi Kappa Alpha would be allowed to return to UM’s campus.


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