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Student Sends His Ex-Tutor Harassing Texts in the Funniest Misunderstanding


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“Stop messaging and calling me or I’m going to get the university police department involved,” junior Lucas Lages bravely texted to sophomore Adham Suliman.

“Ur dead,” Suliman typed back.

Both students met at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) last fall where Lages tutored Suliman. Lages abandoned his tutoring gig at the ARC after three sessions with Suliman. Lages claims “Mr. Suliman contacted him several times via phone and text.”

And then he stopped.

Until eight weeks ago when Suliman began calling and texting Lages again asking to meet up. Lages never picks up or responds to the texts. He admits the text messages have been “random and not threatening”:

On one text message Suliman asked “what you answered for 18?” On others “why didn’t you show up?” and “fuck r u?”

Lages and Suliman still cross paths on campus though and neither student acknowledges the other. According to the report, “Mr. Lages said that he has seen Mr. Suliman at the university wellness center several times but they have not said anything to each other.”

After three weeks of unexplained calls and texts, the “ur dead” text was the final straw. The following day on September 30th Lages went to UMPD to file for harassment.

On October 1st UMPD investigator M. Gauther contacted Suliman who was surprised by the allegations. He explained “the whole incident had been a total misunderstanding.”

According to Suliman he had two different entries labeled “Lucas” on his phone. The texts Lages was receiving were actually intended for Suliman’s friend and classmate Lukasz Karam. Suliman actually sent the texts on September 29th to try to figure out why Lukasz Karam was not at the soccer game they were supposed to be playing in together.

“When Suliman received the text warning him to stop contacting him, he figured Karam was being funny and that is why he replied to the text saying ‘Ur dead.” It was not intended to be threatening.

The detectives informed Suliman that Lages did not want Suliman to contact him ever again. Suliman signed a Stalking and Harassment Affidavit to acknowledge that if he ever contacted Lages again he would be in violation of Florida Statute 784.048.

Suliman simply deleted the number from his contact list.

Suliman did not respond to questions seeking comment. Lages did not respond to an email seeking comment (like he always does to random communication).

The case was later deemed “UNFOUNDED.”


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