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Sketchy Former Student Tries to Deliver Bag to Football Team, Claims to be in Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity


John Joseph Wilson, 43
mugshot from his April 2013 arrest

Forty-three-year-old John Joseph Wilson was once a student at the University of Miami, but according to the police report not since 2005.

At 5 p.m. on October 19th Wilson was found at the University of Miami Tennis Center. He was delivering “a bag” to the football team.

When UMPD found Wilson he was sitting on the bleachers. According to the police report “a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage [was] coming from his person.”

Wilson then explained he “he had been looking for a friend from SAE, a fraternity located at the University of Miami, and stated he was a member from a different chapter.”

He then added, he would begin classes at UM in the spring. UMPD checked and his claims could not be verified.

In May 2013, Wilson was arrested for petty theft.

In April 2013, he was arrested for grand theft in the third degree and battery.

In January 2012, he was arrested for cocaine trafficking, cocaine with conspire to traffick, money laundering and unlawful proceeds between $20-300K. A jury later found him not guilty.

Wilson was issued a trespass warning from the entire campus of the University of Miami which he signed.

Wilson is listed at 6’1″, 182 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes.

It is unclear what was inside the bag and his relation to SAE.


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