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UM Freshman Taken to Jail After RAs “Smelled Marijuana” From His Vaporizer


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Early Sunday September 29 an 18-year-old male was arrested from the 11th floor of Hecht Residential College’s Pentland Tower on drug possession charges. University of Miami Area Director Alexis Cole received a call from two RAs stating they smelled marijuana emanating from room 1111. Cole then conducted a search of the room and came in contact with two 18-year-old males.

According to the police report, Cole found and impounded:

1. One green plastic cup with approximately 0.7 grams of “suspected cannabis.”

2. Five white vaporizer mouthpieces with “suspected cannabis.”

3. One plastic white and red tube with “suspected cannabis residue.”

4. One green vitamin bottle with “suspected cannabis residue.”

5. One purple and white plastic container with “suspected cannabis.”

6. Twenty-nine “unknown white pills” in a plastic bag.

The property was valued at $33. One of the 18-year-old males (the one who was later arrested) “immediately admitted sole ownership of all the items listed.”

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Since it was the student’s first incident, the UMPD officer offered the student a chance to partake in U-Lead, a UMPD program that keeps first-time drug, alcohol, and fake ID offenders from being arrested by participating in awareness classes. At first the student accepted to be enrolled in the program.

“[The student] however, became very uncooperative and did not take seriously any of my questions in regards to all the found property that he had claimed as his own. [The student] said he had purchased the marijuana from “some guy”  and refused to provide any more details,” the officer explains in the police report.

It is a requirement of the U-Lead program to fully disclose how the drugs were obtained. The UMPD officer then explained this requirement to the student again and the student would still not cooperate.

“Based on [the student’s] posession of marijuana and his uncooperative attitude” the UMPD officer placed the student under arrest, he explains in the report. The student was transported to the Coral Gables Police Department (and not the University of Miami Police Department) for processing. The student was then transported to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami.

All impounded property was taken to Coral Gales Police Department’s property room as evidence. The 29 unknown white capsules were sent to the lab for analysis.

The other 18-year-old male present in the dorm room “was not found in possession of any of the items and stated he had no knowledge of the impounded property.”

It is not known how the RAs smelled marijuana since vaporizers only emit water vapor.

UMPD officer Ben Hendricks suspected that the student might have been dealing drugs and that is why he could not disclose how he obtained the controlled substances.


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