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Threatening Stick Figure Drawing of Armed Hostage Situation on Chem Exam Worries Professor


hunsonisgroovy/Flikr Commons

Chemistry professor Carl Hoff was grading papers on Sunday October 13th when he came across a “personally disturbing” stick-figure drawing in the bonus section of one of the exams.

According to the report, “[the] drawing was a stick man holding a gun and a knife with the gun pointed toward another stick man. The armed stick man was wearing a top hat that was labeled ‘Evil Top Hat’ and he was saying ‘Give me the points or that other stuck figure gets it!!!’ The second stick man is replying ‘Do what he says! I have a wife and three kids!’”

Hoff explained that the student was repeating the class because he failed the class last semester. He noticed that the student “had been displaying anti-social tendencies.”

UMPD was not immediately able to contact the student at home or on his cell phone. However, after the class let out at 12:30 p.m. the following day, two UMPD officers interviewed the student in his dorm room in Pearson Residential College.

“[The student] realized he had made a mistake,” the report states. “[He] acknowledged doing the figure on the test and no malicious intent in nature and was very apologetic. [He] added that the figures did not represent his professor nor that he had any knowledge of any wife or kids.”

UMPD On-Call Command, CID Division, SACC, and On-Call Counselor were all notified of the incident. Hoff stated he had never witnessed the student threaten to do harm to anyone.

UMPD officers noted that the student “did not appear to suffer from any apparent mental illness and did not indicate that he wanted to harm himself or others at the time of this report.”


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