Greek Life

Nineteen-Year-Old Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pledge Fertilizes Bushes With His Vomit


NDSU University Archives/Flikr Commons

A little past midnight on Monday October 7th a 19-year-old male fertilized the bushes outside the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house on Liguria Avenue with his vomit.

“[The student] was sweating heavily and had bloodshot eyes, his skin was flush and he smelled of an odor from an alcoholic beverage,” the incident report states. The student was able to stand on his own, but with a sway … He was able to communicate and when asked what he was doing at the SAE house he advised that he was a ‘Pledge’. I confronted [the student] about his obvious intoxicated state and learned he was under the age of 21,” UMPD officer Werbin states in the report.

The student could not provide identification because he left his wallet in the SAE house. When the officer asked if he had been drinking inside, the student nodded. Elvis Guzman was the graduate assistant for fraternity row on-call at the time. (Coincidentally, he is the SAE graduate assistant.) After being informed of the situation, Guzman entered the house and asked another SAE brother inside to help find the student’s wallet. The SAE brother returned outside with the pledge’s wallet. His driver’s license confirmed his identity and age. The SAE brother was not intoxicated at the time and “advised he would stay with [the student] for the rest of the evening.”

The UMPD officer visited the SAE house after being informed by security officers earlier that evening that “they were smelling the odor of marijuana around the SAE Fraternity House.” However, according to the report, “no marijuana was located but a strong odor of the same was in and around the area of the SAE house and its courtyard.”

The student refused to be treated by paramedics.

The Dean of Students Office was notified.


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