Perplexing Policy

Student Allegedly Threatens Deans’ Secretary Claiming to Have a Gun


sloth2048/Flikr Commons

In the afternoon on Thursday October 31, a student went to Dean Sanders’ secretary, Martha Estrada, to schedule a meeting with a student adviser. According to the police report the 21-year-old UM student requested “a nice adviser that would give him credits that he wanted.” The report says he further stated, “make sure he is nice, I have a gun.”

On Monday November 4, the student returned to Estrada’s office. However, this time the report states he “was more aggressive on seeing an adviser.” The report also states that the 27-year-old secretary felt threatened by this and what the student told her the last time she saw him.

UMPD was dispatched the following day, on November 5, to the Office of Academic Services. The report states the student was interviewed in Dean Halls’ office where he denied ever uttering the statement.

“It was a misunderstanding and that he does not own any firearms and did not want to harm anyone,” the report states he told police.


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