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Trespasser Asks UMPD Officer “Am I Attractive? Could I Pick Chicks Up?”


Joe Gaylor/Flikr Commons

On Wednesday November 6th a UMPD officer was on duty patrolling the Lake Osceola area. It was about 4:05 p.m. and the officer was near the Student Activities Center (SAC) when he “observed a white male walking [past] me who was unable to walk straight,” the police report states.

The officer observed the struggling pedestrian for approximately 5 minutes and saw him stop, sit down briefly on the embankment near the lake, and then walk about 15 feet before having to rest along the SAC’s support column.

When officer asked for this unknown man’s identification, the man asked “for what?” the report states. After providing the officer with a Florida driver’s license, this unknown man was identified as 37-year-old Christopher Tytell, who was not a student or alumni of the University of Miami.

“Tytell advised me that he suffers from a heart condition and underwent heart surgery a year and a half ago and that is why he walks the way he walks,” the report states.

As the officer was conducting a background check on Tytell, Tyell asked if he could ask the officer “a question and that he wanted [his] honest opinion,” the report states. “Am I an attractive guy?” the report claims Tytell asked the officer. “Could I pick chicks up?

“I think girls find me attractive, weird but attractive,” Tytell told the officer according to the report. Tytell explained to the officer he was on campus “to visit the Lowe Art Museum” and “to hang out on campus and check out the girls,” the report states.

The officer found Tytell to have no criminal history, but Tytell “indicated he [had] recently trespassed at Miami-Dade College due to his behavior which he did not elaborate on,” the report states.

The officer issued Tytell a campus-wide trespass warning “due to Tytell’s comments, behavior, and having no affiliation with the University of Miami or any purpose of being on campus,” the report states. Tytell read, understood, and signed the Trespass warning and was escorted off campus.


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