Perplexing Policy

How Sexual Assault is Handled at a Private Evangelical College and How It’s Handled at Our Private School

          Anyone who has held a conversation with me for more than four minutes knows I eat an unusual amount of peanut butter, and have an obsession with crime on college campuses and the protocol for handling these crimes. For the most part, it’s because of the gray legal system these crimes fall under –that … Continue reading

Sucks to be you

PERSONALIZE YOUR GYM BAGS: Student’s Gym Bag Accidentally Stolen by Another Student Who Claimed it Looked Exactly Like His

Countless workouts are happening simultaneously at the University of Miami’s Wellness Center. Students are lifting weights, other riding machines, and some taking classes in the upstairs studios. All the while gym-goers preen at the other perspiring co-eds as they exercise their bodies in scantily clad name-brand aerobic gear. James Negron was one of them. He’s … Continue reading

Sucks to be you

The Five Crimes That Happened Near Campus While You Were Watching the Superbowl

Well, technically, no crimes happened during the allotted 3 hours and 35 minute broadcast between 6:25 p.m. and 11 p.m. It could be everyone was tucked away in their homes or sports bar in complete focus that they forgot the potential for criminal mischief. Or everyone in the Coral Gables Police Department was too busy … Continue reading