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PERSONALIZE YOUR GYM BAGS: Student’s Gym Bag Accidentally Stolen by Another Student Who Claimed it Looked Exactly Like His


Ardent Eye/Flikr Commons

Countless workouts are happening simultaneously at the University of Miami’s Wellness Center. Students are lifting weights, other riding machines, and some taking classes in the upstairs studios. All the while gym-goers preen at the other perspiring co-eds as they exercise their bodies in scantily clad name-brand aerobic gear.

James Negron was one of them. He’s a freshman from New York who came to UM in the fall.

On Tuesday October 8 the 18-year-old entered the gym to work out as he normally did. It was about 4 p.m and Negron was wearing an orange shirt and blue striped gym shorts. “He left his draw string bag which contained his wallet in the center cubie hole located in the weight room area,” the police report states.

He then began his workout.

When he returned to the cubie hole half an hour later the police report states, “an unknown person had taken listed property.”

The stolen drawstring bag was the black and silver Academic Resource Center ones handed out in the beginning of the year. Inside was a gray Toddland wallet, which contained his New York driver’s license, Bank of America debit card, and Cane Card. The contents were valued at $71.

By the time Negron filled out the police report at 9 p.m. he cancelled his debit card and made arrangements to replace his Cane Card.

The following morning MPD investigators were on the case. “Closed Circuit Television surveillance video from the security cameras located inside the Wellness Center provided no leads as the cameras were not recording at the time of the alleged theft,” the report states.

Later that day, “an unknown male camp up to [Negron] and returned all this property, and explained he had taken Negron’s bag by accident as it looked exactly like his,” the report states.

“Since no theft occurred this investigation is concluded and the case is unfounded,” the report states.


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