Greek Life

Sorority Drama Over Text Messages: “I’m going to murder Kiki and Kate”

On Tuesday November 12 at approximately 9:17 p.m. Jennifer Rubin, 21, went to UMPD to report threatening text messages she received. According to Rubin, another UM student, Shannon Van Gundy, sent her a text message stating, “I’m going to MURDER Kiki and Kate.” Kate being Katelyn Woodbury, another UM student. It is unclear who Kiki … Continue reading

Sucks to be you

Student Held at Gun Point Last April Near University Village

A little before midnight on April 28, 2013, then 19-year-old Raisa Uddin was crouched in the Hecht Athletic Building’s female locker room seeking refuge. Minutes before a Hispanic woman had pointed a gun at her demandeding she hand over her possessions. Uddin, a neuroscience major, told police she had exited University Village Building 3 when … Continue reading