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Student Held at Gun Point Last April Near University Village

wikimedia commons

wikimedia commons

A little before midnight on April 28, 2013, then 19-year-old Raisa Uddin was crouched in the Hecht Athletic Building’s female locker room seeking refuge. Minutes before a Hispanic woman had pointed a gun at her demandeding she hand over her possessions.

Uddin, a neuroscience major, told police she had exited University Village Building 3 when she noticed “a white box shape, four-door vehicle” in front of UV Building 4 approaching towards her at a slow space. This made Uddin uncomfortable but she continued walking.

The white car drove past her and then parked by the dumpster in front of UV Buildings 1 and 2. Since the windows were not tinted, Uddin remembers seeing a female passenger in the backseat. Uddin tells police she was suspicious because no one was waiting nearby to be picked up.

Uddin then decided to cross the street to avoid walking past the vehicle. However, after passing the green fence that surrounds the old Pike Fraternity house she heard a woman shout, “Give me your stuff!

When Uddin turned around she saw a “Hispanic looking female, 20-25 years old, medium built, 5’1”-5’5” in height, with shoulder length black hair, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans,” the report states. The woman was also pointing a gun at Uddin. The armed woman then asked Uddin for her stuff again, but Uddin ran away screaming. Uddin remembers the woman then saying, “Fuck!”

Uddin sprinted towards San Amaro Drive. She met then 29-year-old William Furman standing outside the Hecht Athletic Building. Since Furman works inside, he has access to the building. Inside, they both went to the locker room area until police arrived. Furman told police he saw the white car turn around on Corniche Avenue and flee toward Red Road.

Two days later Uddin met with police and described details of the offender’s face for a composite sketch. However, no further information has been provided and the offender is still at large.

Two more students were mugged in that area since (although not a gun point) in November and January. No one has been charged in any of the crimes.

According to an alert sent out by UMPD, two UM students were mugged walking to Hecht Residential College on San Amaro Drive early Sunday morning, March 16. (I’m still in the process of requesting that police report, but will post a new blog once I do.)


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