UMPD Bust Into Student’s Dorm Room Because She Seemed Drunk

At 3:25 a.m. Wednesday August 28th, a student woke up in her dorm room in Eaton Residential College with three unexpected males there: UM Housing and Residential Life Area Director Anthony Sierra, Coral Gables Fire Department Lieutenant Shaw, and UMPD officer J. Cuerdo, who filed the incident report.

The report states that Sierra contacted UMPD to report that “[The student] was in her dorm unconscious and breathing” and “advised that she was intoxicated.” While it is nothing out of the ordinary for students to go “unconscious” at 3 a.m. after they’ve been drinking, Sierra took the extra measure of checking up on that student’s well being, even though he saw her respiratory system was fully functioning.

Once the 19-year-old co-ed awoke, fire rescue determined that “her vitals were good and that she did not need to be transported to the hospital.”

The report states that the student “had been drinking in ‘the Grove’ but did not know the name of the establishment.”

But if there is a lesson to be learned from this ordeal, it is to never be unconscious, intoxicated, and breathing all at the same time at Eaton Residential College –unless it’s been a kinky fantasy of yours to wake up to three men hovering over you.


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