Bureaucratic Bullsh*t

Coral Gables Police Department Tightens Access to Public Records Over the Summer

Once upon a time, University of Miami students could go online to the Coral Gables Police Department website and search for incident reports as easily as they stalk their frenemies on Facebook. Simply search for a name, date, or location and a batch of relevant reports would sprout up. Gory details, home addresses, and arresting … Continue reading

Greek Life

Deans Confirm Kappa Sigma Revoked in 2009 for an Unregistered Party by National Organization, Not UM

Last Friday morning I sat in Dean Tony Lake’s dimly-lit office on the second floor of the Rhodes House with Dean Steve Priepke. The blinds were drawn and Lake’s incandescent desk lamp exuded a warm yellow light through the shade. Outside it was drizzling. Dean Lake sat in his desk, and Dean Priepke sat at … Continue reading

Greek Life

Don’t Let Kappa Sigma Sweep Chad Meredith’s Hazing Death Under the Rug

Kappa Sigma Fraternity will return to the University of Miami’s lush Coral Gables campus to recruit backward-capped bros with the rest of the Greek alphabet this Spring. After a four year ban, their Facebook page shows smiling young men in pastel tanks and boat shoes participating in sorority fundraisers and charity events. Not nearly as … Continue reading