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UM Student Graciously Returns Random Student’s Wallet

Sometimes it feels like all I do is blog about UM students at their worst (being belligerent and puking all over the place) or at their lowest points (being mugged or bullied). It’s not that I get a twisted pleasure in blogging about this stuff, but the source of my blogs are the police reports filed by the University of Miami Police Department (UMPD). When people do good things, they don’t call police. When people do bad things, they do.

But last Thursday, my sister told me this wonderful story about how a girl she had never met before found her wallet, found her driver’s license, looked her up on UMail, and then sent her an email to tell her that her wallet was safe. When my sister, Nicole Swanson, received that email just after her Microbiology class ended in the Cox science building she was shocked. She thought her wallet was still in her book bag.

She didn’t know who Rebecca Mensceli was, and at first she thought the random email was spam:


Then she was incredibly grateful (hence the exclamation points):Image

There was a minor miscommunication about the location to meet up but all in all it was sorted out:Image

And as soon as Nicole went home she posted this as her status. Now Nicole and Rebecca Mensceli are Facebook and real friends:


“The wallet must have fallen out in the beginning of class when I took out my computer charger,” my sister says. “Now I don’t keep my wallet and computer charger together in my book bag.”

But why not when there are goodhearted folks like Rebecca Mensceli around!

Oh yeah, because there are people that do this running around our campus too.


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